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DVD Sets Number of DVD's Price in USD Price in INR
Forks Over Knives (U.S.A. Only) 1 $ 10 N/A in India
Forks Over Knives (All Other Countries) 1 $ 25 N/A in India
Agam Literature of Deepratnasgarji 1 $ 8 Rs. 250
Tatvartha Sutra - Collection of 84 Publications 1 $ 5 Rs. 200
Set - 1 (Volume 1 to 4) 4 $ 10 Rs. 300
Set - 2 (Volume 5 to 8) 4 $ 10 Rs. 300
Set - 3 (Volume 1 to 8) 8 $ 15 Rs. 500

DVD orders for All Countries (Except India) - Order Online

 Select DVD from the DVD MENU Drop Down. Click "Add to Cart".
Verify the item ordered and adjust quantity as desired.
If you wish to order another DVD, select "Continue Shopping", otherwise select "Check "Out".
Next menu, Choose PAYMENT method: Either from a PAYPAL account OR by a  Debit/Credit  card.
You will receive DVDs within four weeks.
If you don't receive ordered items in four weeks, please send e-mails to both of the following addresses:

 jainaedu@gmail.com   and arihant.graf@gmail.com

DVD Orders for India -
Order Offline

Send your payment (Cheque, Draft Or Moneyorder) payable to "Gyan Vardhak Charitable Trust"

for your DVD order per Prices shown above in INR to:

  Mailing Address 
       c/o Sudesh Shah (Arihant Graphics)
       FF-20, Nanakram Super Market, Ramnagar, Sabarmati
       Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380005 India

Also send your order details and cheque/draft/money order details by e-mail to arihant.graf@gmail.com
Once the payment is received,  the ordered DVDs will be shipped. It takes up to three weeks for delivery.
Call us in India (91+ 999-889-0355), if you don't receive the order within three weeks.

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